About Us
PestekConsulting - Trust

Our priority is to achieve lasting and substantial improvement for our client business. We provide the required knowledge and expertise to assure optimum solutions to private sector. We offer a full service support, utilizing resources from highly diversified pool of experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. 

Our Activities:

  • consulting and advisory services,
  • development of strategic plans,
  • local, regional and SME development,
  • tourism development,
  • marketing research,
  • marketing communications and development of promotional campaign,
  • feasibility studies and business plans,
  • match-making with potential clients and associates,
  • business development and assistance to SMEs,
  • business restructuring and consolidation,
  • training and education,
  • human resources and institutional development.

Our Advantages:

  • long experience in the region,
  • geographical coverage,
  • wide network of consultants and associates,
  • long term cooperation with clients.

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